The R Journal is the peer-reviewed, open-access scientific journal, published by The R Foundation. It features short to medium length articles (up to 20 pages) covering topics of interest to users and developers of R. For example, description and implementation details of R packages, surveys or reviews of R software related to a particular area, applications of R software or descriptions of teaching resources related to R.

The R Journal reaches a wide audience and has a thorough review process. It has a generally increasing SJR impact factor. Papers are expected to be concise, clearly written, not too technical, clearly related R, and follow reproducible practices. Additional technical details and examples could be included as supplementary material. Authors of refereed articles should take care to:

Article types

The R Journal accepts a variety of article topics including:


The R Journal was established in 2009, superseding the R News. For historical purposes it also a news section, that includes items from R Core, updates from CRAN and Bioconductor, foRwards activiies and conference reports.

R Journal article summaries, for the last four years

The R Journal receives a large number of submissions, currently over 200 a year, and processing times and especially review times are highly variable. The summaries below shows that for published articles, the time from first submission to accept averages at under a year. Just a very small number of 2021 submissions await a final decision, and even for 2022 submission, the majority of articles have received an accept/reject decision.

For published articles in the years 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, the boxplots show time from submission to accept by year of publication. Median number of days to accept is under a year. The barchart on the right refers to articles submitted in the years 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and reports the status as as rejected, in progress or accepted/published as of 2023-03-10. Papers labelled ‘in progress’ are under review or awaiting revisions.

Editorial board


Simon Urbanek, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

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The R Journal is run under the auspices of the R Foundation, and editors of the Journal are appointed by the Foundation board.