The R Journal, Volume 5/2, December 2013

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Editorial PDF download
Hadley Wickham 3

Contributed Research Articles

factorplot: Improving Presentation of Simple Contrasts in Generalized Linear Models PDF download
David A. Armstrong II 4

spMC: Modelling Spatial Random Fields with Continuous Lag Markov Chains PDF download
Luca Sartore 16

RNetCDF - A Package for Reading and Writing NetCDF Datasets PDF download
Pavel Michna and Milton Woods 29

Surface Melting Curve Analysis with R PDF download
Stefan Rödiger, Alexander Böhm and Ingolf Schimke 37

Performance Attribution for Equity Portfolios PDF download
Yang Lu and David Kane 53

ExactCIdiff: An R Package for Computing Exact Confidence Intervals for the Difference of Two Proportions PDF download
Guogen Shan and Weizhen Wang 62

rlme: An R Package for Rank-Based Estimation and Prediction in Random Effects Nested Models PDF download
Yusuf K. Bilgic and Herbert Susmann 71

Temporal Disaggregation of Time Series PDF download
Christoph Sax and Peter Steiner 80

Dynamic Parallelization of R Functions PDF download
Stefan Böhringer 88

CompLognormal: An R Package for Composite Lognormal Distributions PDF download
S. Nadarajah and S. A. A. Bakar 97

lfe: Linear Group Fixed Effects PDF download
Simen Gaure 104

The R in Robotics PDF download
André Dietrich, Sebastian Zug and Jörg Kaiser 117

On Sampling from the Multivariate t Distribution PDF download
Marius Hofert 129

betategarch: Simulation, Estimation and Forecasting of Beta-Skew-t-EGARCH Models PDF download
Genaro Sucarrat 137

Changes to grid for R 3.0.0 PDF download
Paul Murrell 148

News and Notes

R Foundation News PDF download
Kurt Hornik 161

News from the Bioconductor Project PDF download
Bioconductor Team 162

Conference Report: Deuxièmes Rencontres R PDF download
Aurelie Siberchicot and Stephane Dray 164

Changes on CRAN PDF download
Kurt Hornik and Achim Zeileis 166

Changes in R PDF download
The R Core Team 192