The R Journal, Volume 6/1, June 2014

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Editorial PDF download
Deepayan Sarkar 3

Contributed Research Articles

Taming PITCHf/x Data with XML2R and pitchRx PDF download
Carson Sievert 5

A Multiscale Test of Spatial Stationarity for Textured Images in R PDF download
Matthew A. Nunes, Sarah L. Taylor and Idris A. Eckley 20

Stratified Weibull Regression Model for Interval-Censored Data PDF download
Xiangdong Gu, David Shapiro, Michael D. Hughes and Raji Balasubramanian 31

brainR: Interactive 3 and 4D Images of High Resolution Neuroimage Data PDF download
John Muschelli, Elizabeth Sweeney and Ciprian Crainiceanu 41

The RWiener Package: an R Package Providing Distribution Functions for the Wiener Diffusion Model PDF download
Dominik Wabersich and Joachim Vandekerckhove 49

PivotalR: A Package for Machine Learning on Big Data PDF download
Hai Qian 57

rotations: An R Package for SO(3) Data PDF download
Bryan Stanfill, Heike Hofmann and Ulrike Genschel 68

ROSE: a Package for Binary Imbalanced Learning PDF download
Nicola Lunardon, Giovanna Menardi and Nicola Torelli 79

investr: An R Package for Inverse Estimation PDF download
Brandon M. Greenwell and Christine M. Schubert Kabban 90

Rankcluster: An R Package for Clustering Multivariate Partial Rankings PDF download
Julien Jacques, Quentin Grimonprez and Christophe Biernacki 101

The stringdist Package for Approximate String Matching PDF download
Mark P.J. van der Loo 111

RStorm: Developing and Testing Streaming Algorithms in R PDF download
Maurits Kaptein 123

The gridSVG Package PDF download
Paul Murrell and Simon Potter 133

MRCV: A Package for Analyzing Categorical Variables with Multiple Response Options PDF download
Natalie A. Koziol and Christopher R. Bilder 144

Archiving Reproducible Research with R and Dataverse PDF download
Thomas J. Leeper 151

oligoMask: A Framework for Assessing and Removing the Effect of Genetic Variants on Microarray Probes PDF download
Daniel Bottomly, Beth Wilmot and Shannon K. McWeeney 159

sgr: A Package for Simulating Conditional Fake Ordinal Data PDF download
Luigi Lombardi and Massimiliano Pastore 164

News and Notes

Web Technologies Task View PDF download
Patrick Mair and Scott Chamberlain 178

Addendum to ``Statistical Software from a Blind Person's Perspective'' PDF download
A. Jonathan R. Godfrey and Robert Erhardt 182

R Foundation News PDF download
Kurt Hornik 183

News from the Bioconductor Project PDF download
Bioconductor Team 184

Changes on CRAN PDF download
Kurt Hornik and Achim Zeileis 186

Changes in R PDF download
The R Core Team 221