R News Volume 1/1

Articles published in the January 2001 issue of R News

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Kurt Hornik and Friedrich Leisch 1

Contributed Research Articles

Under new memory management
Luke Tierney 10

On exact rank tests in R
Torsten Hothorn 11

Porting R to the Macintosh
Stefano M. Iacus 13

The density of the non-central chi-squared distribution for large values of the noncentrality parameter
Peter Dalgaard 14

Brian D. Ripley 16

Using databases with R
Brian D. Ripley 18

Rcgi 4: Making web statistics even easier
M. J. Ray 20

Omegahat packages for R
John M. Chambers and Duncan Temple Lang 21

Using XML for statistics: The XML package
Duncan Temple Lang 24

Programmer’s Niche
Bill Venables 27

News and Notes

What is R?
R Core Team 2

R Resources
R Core Team 3

Changes in R
R Core Team 4

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik and Friedrich Leisch 8

Writing Articles for R News
Friedrich Leisch 30

Upcoming Events
Kurt Hornik 32