R News Volume 2/2

Articles published in the June 2002 issue of R News

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Table of contents

Kurt Hornik 1

Contributed Research Articles

Time series in R 1.5.0
Brian D. Ripley 2

Naive time series forecasting methods
David Meyer 7

Rmpi: Parallel statistical computing in R
Hao Yu 10

The grid graphics package
Paul Murrell 14

Deepayan Sarkar 19

Programmer’s Niche
Bill Venables 24

geoRglm: A package for generalised linear spatial models
Ole F. Christensen and Paulo J. Ribeiro 26

Querying PubMed
Robert Gentleman and Jeff Gentry 28

Evd: Extreme value distributions
Alec Stephenson 31

Ipred: Improved predictors
Andrea Peters, Torsten Hothorn and Berthold Lausen 33

News and Notes

Changes in R
R Core Team 36

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik 43

Upcoming Events
Kurt Hornik and Friedrich Leisch 44