R News Volume 3/1

Articles published in the June 2003 issue of R News

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Table of contents

Friedrich Leisch 1

Contributed Research Articles

Name space management for R
Luke Tierney 2

Converting packages to S4
Douglas Bates 6

The genetics package
Gregory R. Warnes 9

Variance inflation factors
Jürgen Groß 13

Building Microsoft Windows versions of R and R packages under Intel Linux
Jun Yan and A. J. Rossini 15

Analysing survey data in R
Thomas Lumley 17

Computational gains using RPVM on a Beowulf cluster
Brett Carson, Robert Murison and Ian A. Mason 21

R Help Desk: Getting help – R’s help facilities and manuals
Uwe Ligges 26

News and Notes

R Help Desk
R Development Core 26

Book Reviews
Kevin Wright, Andy Liaw and Friedrich Leisch 28

Changes in R 1.7.0
R Core Team 31

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik and Friedrich Leisch 36

Barry Rowlingson 39

Recent Events
Torsten Hothorn 40