R News Volume 4/1

Articles published in the June 2004 issue of R News

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Table of contents

Thomas Lumley 1

Contributed Research Articles

The decision to use R
Marc Schwartz 2

The ade4 package — I: One-table methods
Daniel Chessel, Anne B. Dufour and Jean Thioulouse 5

Qcc: An R package for quality control charting and statistical process control
Luca Scrucca 11

Least squares calculations in R
Douglas Bates 17

Tools for interactively exploring R packages
Jianhua Zhang and Robert Gentleman 20

The survival package
Thomas Lumley 26

R Help Desk: Date and time classes in R
Gabor Grothendieck and Thomas Petzoldt 29

Programmers’ Niche: A simple class, in S3 and S4
Thomas Lumley 33

News and Notes

useR! 2004
John Fox 28

R Help Desk
Gabor Grothendieck and Thomas Petzoldt 29

Programmers’ Niche
Thomas Lumley 33

Changes in R
R Core Team 36

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik 41

R Foundation News
Bettina Grün 46