R News Volume 5/2

Articles published in the November 2005 issue of R News

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Douglas Bates 1

Contributed Research Articles

BMA: An R package for Bayesian model averaging
Adrian E. Raftery, Ian S. Painter and Christopher T. Volinsky 2

Classes and methods for spatial data in R
Edzer J. Pebesma and Roger S. Bivand 9

Running long R jobs with Condor DAG
Xianhong Xie 13

Rstream: Streams of random numbers for stochastic simulation
Pierre L’Ecuyer and Josef Leydold 16

Mfp: Multivariable fractional polynomials
Axel Benner 20

Crossdes: A package for design and randomization in crossover studies
Oliver Sailer 24

R Help Desk: Make “R CMD” work under Windows – an example
Uwe Ligges and Duncan Murdoch 27

News and Notes

R Help Desk
Uwe Ligges and Duncan Murdoch 27

Changes in R
R Core Team 29

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik 35

Forthcoming Events: useR! 2006