R News Volume 7/1

Articles published in the April 2007 issue of R News

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Torsten Hothorn 1

Contributed Research Articles

Viewing binary files with the hexView package
Paul Murrell 2

FlexMix: An R package for finite mixture modelling
Bettina Grün and Friedrich Leisch 8

Using R to perform the AMMI analysis on agriculture variety trials
Andrea Onofri and Egidio Ciriciofolo 14

Inferences for ratios of normal means
Gemechis Dilba, Frank Schaarschmidt and Ludwig A. Hothorn 20

Working with unknown values
Gregor Gorjanc 24

A new package for fitting random effect models
Jochen Einbeck, John Hinde and Ross Darnell 26

Augmenting R with Unix tools
Andrew Robinson 30

POT: Modelling peaks over a threshold
Mathieu Ribatet 34

Kyle Campbell, Jeff Enos, Daniel Gerlanc and David Kane 36

Review of John Verzani’s book: Using R for Introductory Statistics
Andy Liaw 41

News and Notes

DSC 2007
Hadley Wickham 42

Changes in R 2.5.0
R Core Team 43

Forthcoming Events: useR! 2007
Dianne Cook 43

New Journal: Annals of Applied Statistics
Bradley Efron 43

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik 51

R Foundation News
Kurt Hornik 56

R News Referees 2006
Torsten Hothorn 56