R News Volume 7/3

Articles published in the December 2007 issue of R News

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Table of contents

Torsten Hothorn 1

Contributed Research Articles

SpherWave: An R package for analyzing scattered spherical data by spherical wavelets
Hee-Seok Oh and Donghoh Kim 2

Diving behaviour analysis in R
Sebastián P. Luque 8

Very large numbers in R: Introducing package Brobdingnag
Robin K. S. Hankin 15

Applied bayesian non- and semi-parametric inference using DPpackage
Alejandro Jara 17

An introduction to gWidgets
John Verzani 26

Financial journalism with R
Bill Alpert 34

Need a hint?
Sanford Weisberg and Hadley Wickham 36

Psychometrics task view
Patrick Mair and Reinhold Hatzinger 38

Meta: An R package for meta-analysis
Guido Schwarzer 40

Extending the R Commander by “plug-in” packages
John Fox 46

Improvements to the multiple testing package multtest
Sandra L. Taylor, Duncan Temple Lang and Katherine S. Pollard 52

News and Notes

Changes in R 2.6.1
R Core Team 56

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik 57