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Articles published in the June 2011 issue

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testthat: Get Started with Testing
Hadley Wickham 5

Content-Based Social Network Analysis of Mailing Lists
Angela Bohn, Ingo Feinerer, Kurt Hornik and Patrick Mair 11

Rmetrics - timeDate Package
Yohan Chalabi, Martin Mächler and Diethelm Würtz 19

The digitize Package: Extracting Numerical Data from Scatterplots
Timothée Poisot 25

Differential Evolution with DEoptim
David Ardia, Kris Boudt, Peter Carl, Katharine M. Mullen and Brian G. Peterson 27

rworldmap : a new R package for mapping global data
Andy South 35

Cryptographic Boolean Functions with R
Frédéric Lafitte, Dirk Van Heule and Julien Van hamme 44

Raster Images in R Graphics
Paul Murrell 48

Probabilistic Weather Forecasting in R
Chris Fraley, Adrian Raftery, Tilmann Gneiting, McLean Sloughter and Veronica Berrocal 55

Analyzing an Electronic Limit Order Book
David Kane, Andrew Liu and Khanh Nguyen 64

Giving a useR! Talk
Rob J. Hyndman 69

Tips for Presenting Your Work
Dianne Cook 72