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Articles published in the June 2015 issue

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Bettina Grün 3

Contributed Research Articles

Peptides: A Package for Data Mining of Antimicrobial Peptides
Daniel Osorio, Paola Rondón-Villarreal and Rodrigo Torres 4

fanplot: An R Package for Visualising Sequential Distributions
Guy J. Abel 15

sparkTable: Generating Graphical Tables for Websites and Documents with R
Alexander Kowarik, Bernhard Meindl and Matthias Templ 24

rdrobust: An R Package for Robust Nonparametric Inference in Regression-Discontinuity Designs
Sebastian Calonico, Matias D. Cattaneo and Rocío Titiunik 38

Frames2: A Package for Estimation in Dual Frame Surveys
Antonio Arcos, David Molina, Maria Giovanna Ranalli and María del Mar Rueda 52

The Complex Multivariate Gaussian Distribution
Robin K. S. Hankin 73

sae: An R Package for Small Area Estimation
Isabel Molina and Yolanda Marhuenda 81

showtext: Using System Fonts in R Graphics
Yixuan Qiu 99

Correspondence Analysis on Generalised Aggregated Lexical Tables (CA-GALT) in the FactoMineR Package
Belchin Kostov, Mónica Bécue-Bertaut and François Husson 109

Implementing Persistent O(1) Stacks and Queues in R
Shawn T. O’Neil 118

R as an Environment for Reproducible Analysis of DNA Amplification Experiments
Stefan Rödiger, Michał Burdukiewicz, Konstantin Blagodatskikh, Michael Jahn and Peter Schierack 127

The gridGraphics Package
Paul Murrell 151

fslr: Connecting the FSL Software with R
John Muschelli, Elizabeth Sweeney, Martin Lindquist and Ciprian Crainiceanu 163

Identifying Complex Causal Dependencies in Configurational Data with Coincidence Analysis
Michael Baumgartner and Alrik Thiem 176

Manipulation of Discrete Random Variables with discreteRV
Eric Hare, Andreas Buja and Heike Hofmann 185

Estimability Tools for Package Developers
Russell V. Lenth 195

News and Notes

R Foundation News
Kurt Hornik 200

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik and Achim Zeileis 201

Changes in R
The R Core Team 227

News from the Bioconductor Project
The Bioconductor Team 239