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Michael J. Kane 4

Contributed Research Articles

Using Web Services to Work with Geodata in R
Jan-Philipp Kolb 6

orthoDr: Semiparametric Dimension Reduction via Orthogonality Constrained Optimization
Ruoqing Zhu, Jiyang Zhang, Ruilin Zhao, Peng Xu, Wenzhuo Zhou and Xin Zhang 24

coxed: An R Package for Computing Duration-Based Quantities from the Cox Proportional Hazards Model
Jonathan Kropko and Jeffrey J. Harden 38

Modeling regimes with extremes: the bayesdfa package for identifying and forecasting common trends and anomalies in multivariate time-series data
Eric J. Ward, Sean C. Anderson, Luis A. Damiano, Mary E. Hunsicker and Michael A. Litzow 46

Fitting Tails by the Empirical Residual Coefficient of Variation: The ercv Package
Joan del Castillo, Isabel Serra, Maria Padilla and David Moriña 56

biclustermd: An R Package for Biclustering with Missing Values
John Reisner, Hieu Pham, Sigurdur Olafsson, Stephen Vardeman and Jing Li 69

auditor: an R Package for Model-Agnostic Visual Validation and Diagnostics
Alicja Gosiewska and Przemysław Biecek 85

The R Package trafo for Transforming Linear Regression Models
Lily Medina, Ann-Kristin Kreutzmann, Natalia Rojas-Perilla and Piedad Castro 99

BondValuation: An R Package for Fixed Coupon Bond Analysis
Wadim Djatschenko 124

ConvergenceClubs: A Package for Performing the Phillips and Sul’s Club Convergence Clustering Procedure
Roberto Sichera and Pietro Pizzuto 142

PPCI: an R Package for Cluster Identification using Projection Pursuit
David P. Hofmeyr and Nicos G. Pavlidis 152

dr4pl: A Stable Convergence Algorithm for the 4 Parameter Logistic Model
Hyowon An, Justin T. Landis, Aubrey G. Bailey, James S. Marron and Dirk P. Dittmer 171

cvcrand: A Package for Covariate-constrained Randomization and the Clustered Permutation Test for Cluster Randomized Trials
Hengshi Yu, Fan Li, John A. Gallis and Elizabeth L. Turner 191

jomo: A Flexible Package for Two-level Joint Modelling Multiple Imputation
Matteo Quartagno, Simon Grund and James Carpenter 205

Time Series Forecasting with KNN in R: the tsfknn Package
Francisco Martínez, María P. Frías, Francisco Charte and Antonio J. Rivera 229

rollmatch: An R Package for Rolling Entry Matching
Kasey Jones, Rob Chew, Allison Witman and Yiyan Liu 243

Associative Classification in R: arc, arulesCBA, and rCBA
Michael Hahsler, Ian Johnson, Tomáš Kliegr and Jaroslav Kuchař 254

roahd Package: Robust Analysis of High Dimensional Data
Francesca Ieva, Anna Maria Paganoni, Juan Romo and Nicholas Tarabelloni 291

The IDSpatialStats R Package: Quantifying Spatial Dependence of Infectious Disease Spread
John R. Giles, Henrik Salje and Justin Lessler 308

Comparing namedCapture with other R packages for regular expressions
Toby Dylan Hocking 328

The Landscape of R Packages for Automated Exploratory Data Analysis
Mateusz Staniak and Przemysław Biecek 347

HCmodelSets: An R Package for Specifying Sets of Well-fitting Models in High Dimensions
Henrique Hoeltgebaum and Heather Battey 370

Resampling-Based Analysis of Multivariate Data and Repeated Measures Designs with the R Package MANOVA.RM
Sarah Friedrich, Frank Konietschke and Markus Pauly 380

spGARCH: An R-Package for Spatial and Spatiotemporal ARCH and GARCH models
Philipp Otto 401

lpirfs: An R Package to Estimate Impulse Response Functions by Local Projections
Philipp Adämmer 421

News and Notes

Conference: Report ConectaR 2019
Marcela Alfaro Córdoba, Frans van Dunné, Agustín Gómez Meléndez and Jacob van Etten 439

R Foundation News
Torsten Hothorn 443

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik, Uwe Ligges and Achim Zeileis 444

News from the Bioconductor Project
Bioconductor Core Team 447

R News
R Core Team 448