The R Journal, Volume 1/1, June 2009

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Editorial 3

Contributed research articles

Facets of R PDF download
John M. Chambers 5

Collaborative Software Development Using R-Forge PDF download
Stefan Theu├čl and Achim Zeileis 9

Drawing Diagrams with R PDF download
Paul Murrell 15

The hwriter package: Composing HTML documents with R objects PDF download
Gregoire Pau and Wolfgang Huber 22

AdMit PDF download
David Ardia, Lennart F. Hoogerheide and Herman K. van Dijk 25

expert: Modeling Without Data Using Expert Opinion PDF download
Vincent Goulet, Michel Jacques and Mathieu Pigeon 31

New Numerical Algorithm for Multivariate Normal Probabilities in Package mvtnorm PDF download
Xuefei Mi, Tetsuhisa Miwa and Torsten Hothorn 37

EMD: A Package for Empirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert Spectrum PDF download
Donghoh Kim and Hee-Seok Oh 40

Sample Size Estimation while Controlling False Discovery Rate for Microarray Experiments Using the ssize.fdr Package PDF download
Megan Orr and Peng Liu 47

Easier parallel computing in R with snowfall and sfCluster PDF download
Jochen Knaus, Christine Porzelius, Harald Binder and Guido Schwarzer 54

PMML: An Open Standard for Sharing Models PDF download
Alex Guazzelli, Michael Zeller, Wen-Ching Lin and Graham Williams 60

News and notes

Forthcoming Events: Conference on Quantitative Social Science Research Using R 66

Forthcoming Events: DSC 2009 66

Forthcoming Events: useR! 2009 67

Conference Review: The 1st Chinese R Conference 69

Changes in R 2.9.0 71

Changes on CRAN 77

News from the Bioconductor Project 91

R Foundation News 92