The R Journal, Volume 1/2, December 2009

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Table of contents

Editorial 3

Contributed research articles

Aspects of the Social Organization and Trajectory of the R Project PDF download
John Fox 5

Party on! PDF download
Carolin Strobl, Torsten Hothorn and Achim Zeileis 14

ConvergenceConcepts: An R Package to Investigate Various Modes of Convergence PDF download
Pierre Lafaye de Micheaux and Benoit Liquet 18

asympTest: A Simple R Package for Classical Parametric Statistical Tests and Confidence Intervals in Large Samples PDF download
J.-F. Coeurjolly, R. Drouilhet, P. Lafaye de Micheaux and J.-F. Robineau 26

copas: An R package for Fitting the Copas Selection Model PDF download
J. Carpenter, G. Rücker and G. Schwarzer 31

Transitioning to R: Replicating SAS, Stata, and SUDAAN Analysis Techniques in Health Policy Data PDF download
Anthony Damico 37

Rattle: A Data Mining GUI for R PDF download
Graham J Williams 45

sos: Searching Help Pages of R Packages PDF download
Spencer Graves, Sundar Dorai-Raj and Romain François 56

From the Core
The New R Help System PDF download
Duncan Murdoch and Simon Urbanek 60

News and notes

Conference Review: DSC 2009 66

Conference Review: WZUR(2.0) - The Second Meeting of Polish R Users 67

R Changes: 2.9.1-2.10.0 Patched 68

Changes on CRAN 80

News from the Bioconductor Project 95

R Foundation News 96