The R Journal, Volume 3/2, December 2011

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Editorial 3

Contributed research articles

Creating and Deploying an Application with (R)Excel and R PDF download
Thomas Baier, Erich Neuwirth and Michele De Meo 5

glm2: Fitting Generalized Linear Models with Convergence Problems PDF download
Ian C. Marschner 12

Implementing the Compendium Concept with Sweave and DOCSTRIP PDF download
Michael Lundholm 16

Watch Your Spelling! PDF download
Kurt Hornik and Duncan Murdoch 22

Ckmeans.1d.dp: Optimal k-means Clustering in One Dimension by Dynamic Programming PDF download
Haizhou Wang and Mingzhou Song 29

Nonparametric Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Discrete Null Distributions PDF download
Taylor B. Arnold and John W. Emerson 34

Using the Google Visualisation API with R PDF download
Markus Gesmann and Diego de Castillo 40

GrapheR: a Multiplatform GUI for Drawing Customizable Graphs in R PDF download
Maxime Hervé 45

rainbow: An R Package for Visualizing Functional Time Series PDF download
Han Lin Shang 54

Portable C++ for R Packages PDF download
Martyn Plummer 60

News and notes

R's Participation in the Google Summer of Code 2011 64

Conference Report: useR! 2011 68

Forthcoming Events: useR! 2012 70

Changes in R 72

Changes on CRAN 84

News from the Bioconductor Project 86

R Foundation News 87