The R Journal: article published in 2018, volume 10:2

RcppMsgPack: MessagePack Headers and Interface Functions for R PDF download
Travers Ching and Dirk Eddelbuettel , The R Journal (2018) 10:2, pages 516-525.

Abstract MessagePack, or MsgPack for short, or when referring to the implementation, is an efficient binary serialization format for exchanging data between different programming languages. The RcppMsgPack package provides R with both the MessagePack C++ header files, and the ability to access, create and alter MessagePack objects directly from R. The main driver functions of the R interface are two functions msgpack_pack and msgpack_unpack. The function msgpack_pack serializes R objects to a raw MessagePack message. The function msgpack_unpack de-serializes MessagePack messages back into R objects. Several helper functions are available to aid in processing and formatting data including msgpack_simplify, msgpack_format and msgpack_map.

Received: 2018-07-31; online 2018-12-08, supplementary material, (1 MiB)
CRAN packages: mongolite, RProtoBuf, RcppRedis, RcppMsgPack, Rcpp, nanotime, httr, feather, data.table
CRAN Task Views implied by cited CRAN packages: HighPerformanceComputing, Databases, NumericalMathematics, Finance, WebTechnologies

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