The R Journal: article published in 2018, volume 10:2

idmTPreg: Regression Model for Progressive Illness Death Data PDF download
Leyla Azarang and Manuel Oviedo de la Fuente , The R Journal (2018) 10:2, pages 317-325.

Abstract The progressive illness-death model is frequently used in medical applications. For example, the model may be used to describe the disease process in cancer studies. We have developed a new R package called idmTPreg to estimate regression coefficients in datasets that can be described by the progressive illness-death model. The motivation for the development of the package is a recent contribution that enables the estimation of possibly time-varying covariate effects on the transition probabilities for a progressive illness-death data. The main feature of the package is that it befits both non-Markov and Markov progressive illness-death data. The package implements the introduced estimators obtained using a direct binomial regression approach. Also, variance estimates and confidence bands are implemented in the package. This article presents guidelines for the use of the package.

Received: 2018-03-02; online 2019-02-11, supplementary material, (422 B)
CRAN packages: idmTPreg, mstate, msm, p3state.msm, doParallel, foreach, survival
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