The R Journal: article published in 2021, volume 13:2

A GUIded tour of Bayesian regression PDF download
Andrés Ramírez–Hassan and Mateo Graciano-Londoño , The R Journal (2021) 13:2, pages 135-152.

Abstract This paper presents a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to carry out a Bayesian regression analysis in a very friendly environment without any programming skills (drag and drop). This paper is designed for teaching and applied purposes at an introductory level. Our GUI is based on an interactive web application using shiny and libraries from R. We carry out some applications to highlight the potential of our GUI for applied researchers and practitioners. In addition, the Help option in the main tap panel has an extended version of this paper, where we present the basic theory underlying all regression models that we developed in our GUI and more applications associated with each model.

Received: 2020-06-03; online 2021-09-20
CRAN packages: shinystan

CC BY 4.0
This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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