Create article

Functions to create an R Journal article from the template


Create an R Journal article with the existing template

Article checks

Functions to check that folder structure and article format meet R Journal submission guideline

initial_check_article() check_filenames() check_structure() check_folder_structure() check_unnecessary_files() check_cover_letter() check_title() check_section() check_abstract() check_spelling() check_proposed_pkg() check_pkg_label() check_packages_available() check_bib_doi() check_csl() check_date() get_orcid()

A single article check

R Markdown article format

Functions to build HTML and PDF R Journal articles

rjournal_article() rjournal_pdf_article() rjournal_web_article()

R Markdown output formats for R Journal articles

Prepare article submission

Functions to help building a zip file of relevant materials for submission


Zip your directory for R Journal submission


Prepare pre-filled fields in the submission form prep_submission generate some answers based on the .tex file to fill the article submission form. You can save the answers if assigned it to an object.


Submit a paper to the R Journal


Keywords options for R Journal

Tools for building journal issues and website

Functions for the editor to produce issues from several articles

rjournal_pdf_issue() rjournal_web_issue()

R Markdown output formats for R Journal issues


R Markdown site generator for the R Journal