The R Journal, Volume 2/1, June 2010

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Editorial 3

Contributed research articles

IsoGene: An R Package for Analyzing Dose-response Studies in Microarray Experiments PDF download
Setia Pramana, Dan Lin, Philippe Haldermans, Ziv Shkedy, Tobias Verbeke, Hinrich Göhlmann, An De Bondt, Willem Talloen and Luc Bijnens. 5

MCMC for Generalized Linear Mixed Models with glmmBUGS PDF download
Patrick Brown and Lutong Zhou 13

Mapping and Measuring Country Shapes PDF download
Nils B. Weidmann and Kristian Skrede Gleditsch 18

tmvtnorm: A Package for the Truncated Multivariate Normal Distribution PDF download
Stefan Wilhelm and B. G. Manjunath 25

neuralnet: Training of Neural Networks PDF download
Frauke Günther and Stefan Fritsch 30

glmperm: A Permutation of Regressor Residuals Test for Inference in Generalized Linear Models PDF download
Wiebke Werft and Axel Benner 39

Online Reproducible Research: An Application to Multivariate Analysis of Bacterial DNA Fingerprint Data PDF download
Jean Thioulouse, Claire Valiente-Moro and Lionel Zenner 44

Two-sided Exact Tests and Matching Confidence Intervals for Discrete Data PDF download
Michael P. Fay 53

News and notes

A Beginner's Guide to R 59

Conference Review: The 2nd Chinese R Conference 60

Introducing NppToR: R Interaction for Notepad++ 62

Changes in R 2.10.1-2.11.1 64

Changes on CRAN 72

News from the Bioconductor Project 85

R Foundation News 86