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Articles published in the December 2022 issue

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Catherine Hurley 4

Contributed Research Articles

knitrdata: A Tool for Creating Standalone Rmarkdown Source Documents
David M. Kaplan 6

netgwas: An R Package for Network-Based Genome Wide Association Studies
Pariya Behrouzi, Danny Arends and Ernst C. Wit 18

robslopes: Efficient Computation of the (Repeated) Median Slope
Jakob Raymaekers 38

Generalized Mosaic Plots in the ggplot2 Framework
Haley Jeppson and Heike Hofmann 50

A Study in Reproducibility: The Congruent Matching Cells Algorithm and cmcR Package
Joseph Zemmels, Susan VanderPlas and Heike Hofmann 79

Bootstrapping Clustered Data in R using lmeresampler
Adam Loy and Jenna Korobova 103

DGLMExtPois: Advances in Dealing with Over and Under-dispersion in a Double GLM Framework
Antonio J. Sáez-Castillo, Antonio Conde-Sánchez and Francisco Martínez 121

Making Provenance Work for You
Barbara Lerner, Emery Boose, Orenna Brand, Aaron M. Ellison, Elizabeth Fong, Matthew Lau, Khanh Ngo, Thomas Pasquier, Luis A. Perez, Margo Seltzer, Rose Sheehan and Joseph Wonsil 141

remap: Regionalized Models with Spatially Smooth Predictions
Jadon Wagstaff and Brennan Bean 160

HostSwitch: An R Package to Simulate the Extent of Host-Switching by a Consumer
Valeria Trivellone, Sabrina B. L. Araujo and Bernd Panassiti 179

OTrecod: An R Package for Data Fusion using Optimal Transportation Theory
Gregory Guernec, Valerie Gares, Jeremy Omer, Philippe Saint-Pierre and Nicolas Savy 195

populR: a Package for Population Downscaling in R
Marios Batsaris and Dimitris Kavroudakis 223

dycdtools: an R Package for Assisting Calibration and Visualising Outputs of an Aquatic Ecosystem Model
Songyan Yu, Christopher G. McBride, Marieke A. Frassl, Matthew R. Hipsey and David P. Hamilton 235

SurvMetrics: An R package for Predictive Evaluation Metrics in Survival Analysis
Hanpu Zhou, Hong Wang*, Sizheng Wang and Yi Zou 252

Limitations in Detecting Multicollinearity due to Scaling Issues in the mcvis Package
Roman Salmeron Gomez, Catalina B. Garcia Garcia, Ainara Rodriguez Sanchez and Claudia Garcia Garcia 264

ppseq: An R Package for Sequential Predictive Probability Monitoring
Emily C. Zabor, Brian P. Hobbs and Michael J. Kane 280

pCODE: Estimating Parameters of ODE Models
Haixu Wang and Jiguo Cao 291

TreeSearch: Morphological Phylogenetic Analysis in R
Martin R. Smith 305

The openVA Toolkit for Verbal Autopsies
Zehang Richard Li, Jason Thomas, Eungang Choi, Tyler H. McCormick and Samuel J Clark 316

BayesPPD: An R Package for Bayesian Sample Size Determination Using the Power and Normalized Power Prior for Generalized Linear Models
Yueqi Shen, Matthew A. Psioda and Joseph G. Ibrahim 335

News and Notes

Bioconductor Notes
Maria Doyle and Bioconductor Core Developer Team 352

Changes on CRAN
Kurt Hornik, Uwe Ligges and Achim Zeileis 356

News from the Forwards Taskforce
Heather Turner 358

Changes in R
Tomas Kalibera, Sebastian Meyer and Kurt Hornik 361

R Foundation News
Torsten Hothorn 365